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Whisper Power M-SQ6 5.7Kw super quiet generator 1500rpm

Product no.: M-SQ 6
MAIN SPECIFICATIONS Nominal power: 5,7 kW at 1.500 RPM Nominal voltage: 230 V - 25 A Output frequency: 50 Hz Power factor / cos phi: 1 Voltage tolerance: ± 5% Frequency tolerance (Hz): ± 1% Voltage regulation: capacitor Starter battery : 12 V (Optional) Battery charge current: alternator 40 A Alternator water-cooled, no brushes, synchronous Sound level: 51 dBA SPECIFICATIONS DIESEL ENGINE Engine mode:l L3E Number of cylinders: 3 Cylinder capacity: 952 cc Bore & stroke: 3 x 76 x 70 mm Air consumption: 0.8 m3/min Engine cooling: indirect watercooling Fuel consumption (no load - full load) 1-3 l/hour FULL WHISPER POWER CATALOGUE FEATURING TECHNICAL SPECS, WEIGHTS, DIMENSIONS ETC IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD (PDF) USING THE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION LINK BELOW

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