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NEW - Nautilus AC watermakers

NEW - Nautilus AC watermakers

NEW - Nautilus AC watermakers

A new and exciting product for us.

Special introductory price £2895 + VAT/shipping

As featured at Southampton Boat Show 2018

The Simple 60 watermaker from Nautilus Marine.
A no frills, high quality, competetively priced  modular 
ac powered watermaker made in the UK.

This rugged unit is built to last and comes as a base unit 60l/hour, with 2 options which you can add at any time to increase freshwater production or have an automatic freshwater flush..
Both the feed pump and ceramic plunger high pressure pump are over specified to allow easy upgrade at a later date should you wish.
Twin filtration using 5 and 50 micron filters, quality British made membrane pressure vessel housing a Dow Filmtec (the best) desalination membrane.
The base unit comes with all components you need including hoses,filters, hoseclips, valve etc.
1 year no quibble warranty - if something breaks we will fix or replace it no problem, no charge.
Simple to install, simple to operate, simple to maintain. 
The Simple 60 watermaker from Nautilus Marine 

Basic system comprises:

230V AC feed pump
230V AC 1.5kw motor with quality triplex ceramic plunger high pressure pump
Twin pre filtration unit (5 and 50 micron)
Quality British made membrane pressure housing
Dow Filmtec desalination membrane (the best)
Pressure control unit with 316 stainless control valve and glycerine damped pressure gauge
Fresh water flow meter
Motor control box with overload protection
Set of 50 micron and 5 micron filters for prefiltration unit
3/4 suction hose for seawater feed to feed pump
3/4 reinforced braided hose for seawater from feed pump to HP pump
Easy fit high pressure hose for seawater from HP pump to membrane vessel
1/2 braided hose for freshwater delivery to tank
3 way valve for flushing
All hosetails, clips etc needed.
Installation/operation manual + telephone support for install/operation.

230V AC ONLY - you will need a generator onboard to operate this system.

All prices subject to VAT/shipping

There are two options available at extra cost - buy them now or add them at a later date.

OPTION 1 - add extra membrane to increase water production to 120l/hour+  £595.00
OPTION 2 - add a programmable DC operated automatic freshwater flush system 12V or 24V £295.00

HP pump 550(L) x 280(H) x 280(W)
Feed pump 350(L) x 120(H) x 120 (W)
Twin pre filtration unit 400(L) x 190(D) x 300(W)
Membrane assembly 1500(L) x 200(H) x 150(D)

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