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Nautilus 100 watt semi flexible solar panel

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New 'P' series plastic backed panels. Nautilus 100 watt semi flexible solar panel Semi flexible solar panel, ideal for bonding to cabin roof/deck. Marine quality, laminated with EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) and engineering plastic sheet for weather resistance and ruggedness. Supplied with FREE 10 amp 12/24V charge controller. Only 2.5mm thick. Built in blocking diode. Super compact size: 1050 x 640 x 2.5mm  Note: Illustrations are for illustrative purposes only

Great new range of semi flexible panels - higher in output - smaller in size - less in cost. We believe these to be the best quality/best priced marine panels on the market.

Seaspray solar panels utilise Sunpower monocrystaline cells - which offer unmatched reliability, exceptional performance and record breaking efficiency. They are built on solid copper foundation. 

Fitted with 5 Metres Cable
Maximum Power: 100 Watts
Maximum Voltage: 17.9 Volts
Maximum Current: 6.15 Amps
Open circuit voltage: 20.8 Volts
Short circuit current: 6.64 Amps
Conversion efficiency 22.6%
Maximum system voltage 45V

Temperature Coefficient of Pmax: -0.48%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of voc: -0.34%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of ISC: 0.015%/℃
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature: 45+/-2℃
Data under standard testing conditions(STC) 1000W/M²; 1.5AM


Length 105cm
Width 54cm
Depth 3mm

Weight including cable: 2.5kg


Two Year

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