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Auto freshwater flush upgrade

Product no.: SFAF12/24

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If you have a manual watermaker and are fed up with manually flushing your unit and 'pickling it when you leave the boat for a week or two, then this is the answer. Designed and assembled by us these autoflush modules provide a timed, automatic freshwater flush of your watermaker. Ideal if you do not use your watermaker on a regular basis, or leave your boat for short periods of time and do not want to 'pickle' your watermaker. Fully programmable solid state timer unit operates the DC electric solenoid valve to provide a freshwater flush at any predetermined time, for a period of your choice. (comes pre-programmed for 4 minute flush every 3 days) Spin ring carbon filter housing for easy filter changeover. These units are easily installed to manual flush watermakers, with jubilee clips and a couple of wires. (12v or 24v DC operation) Works alongside or independently of your existing watermaker control.
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