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Dockside water filtration

Dockside water is renowned for its bad taste - it travels many metres around the pontoons on its way to your boat, often through very old pipework. 

Our system uses a combination of 1 micron filtration to remove suspended paricles and a specially designed Carbon odour and chemical removal catridge to cleanse your water before it reaches your tank.

Available in 3 sizes, compact, standard and mega.

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New SeaSpray Dockpure standard water filtration system

Product no.: ssfilt1

£89.00 *
In stock

New SeaSpray Dockpure replacement filter kit

Product no.: SSF22

£49.00 *
Not in stock

New SeaSpray compact Dockside filtration unit

Product no.: SSFcom

£89.00 / pack(s) *
In stock
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