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Disaster relief & Land based water purification.

Utilising our knowledge of low energy consumption water desalination/purification and solar and wind power we are now in the process of field testing a small portable, self sufficient water purification system aimed at assisting disaster relief where fresh water supplies are cut or contaminated and also at purifying well water.

These units are also well suited to small scale irrigation projects.

It consits of two low energy consumption Baitek pulsar 30 Reverse osmosis desalination/purification units, with switchable membranes for salt or brackish water. These membranes remove over 99.5% of impurities in the water, along with all harmful bacteria and viruses.

The units utilise the latest energy recovery technology and run on a 12V dc system consuming only 10 amps per hour each.

The units are also fitted with extra filtration and an optional boost pump for use in wells.

They are powered by a 460 amphour 12v battery bank which is in turn charged by 4 x 100 watt solar panels and a 300 watt wind generator, both using the latest charge control technology. (mains/generator operation charging is also available)

This results in 60 litres per hour of purified potable drinking water from a salt water source, or over 120 litres per hour from brackish water.

This unit currently measures only 1020 by 580 mm so is easily transportable in an estate car/Land Rover. 

Totally self sufficient and very easy to operate and maintain.


Please call/mail us for further details

Watch this space for further developments!