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Nautilus UV galley water Sterilisation

Nautilus UV galley water Sterilisation

For clean, fresh tasting water..........

New for 2023 - the compact LEDUV water treatment unit form Nautilus Marine

When fresh water sits in your tank it can quickly become tainted and infected with bacteria, viruses and other organisms.

Avoid the risk of crew sickness during a passage and also improve the taste of your water.

Carbon filter to remove bad tastes and odours

Latest technology LED UV steriliser to kill bacteria, viruses and cysts giving you healthy water to drink. Easy change spin ring carbon filter housing, quality compact LED UV sterilising unit which turns on/off automatically

·         Easy to install, simply plumbs inline to galley water supply . cheap to run

·         Available in 12V or 24v DC - consumes only 2w

·         Comes complete with its own faucet to deliver sterilised water.

·         All in one solution - filters up to 150 litres per hour

·         Kills viruses and bacteria - Clean drinking water always - and the peace of mind that comes with it.

  Size: 40 x 20 x 16 cm

NOTE: This is a lower flow unit designed for drinking/cooking water in the galley only NOT whole boat trearment

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New Nautilus LEDUV Ultra Violet/Charcoal galley water sterilisation unit

Product no.: NLEDUV

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