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Whisperpower Genverters - a new concept in marine power generation. * Special intoductory prices *

NEW for late 2014/early 2015 - the Genverter 3.8/4kw piccolo - super quiet, super compact and available at special introductory privce of £3699 plus VAT for limited period only. Click here for full details

Introducing the Whisperpower Genverter series - a completely new concept in marine power generation that saves you fuel, noise and harmful emissions.

A clever combination of diesel generator using a unique permanernt magnet configuration and pue sine wave inverter ensures you only use your valuable fuel when necessary, and the generators variable speed technology means that when operating it always operates at the lowest speed possible to keep noise and fuel consumption to a minimum. 

Your AC supply comes either from the built in inverter of the generator depending on how much power you require - the unit automatically switches between the two as required.

When the generator is running, it automatically adjusts its running speed to the power needed, saving on fuel, noise and emissions.

NOW AVAILABLE - further details will be added very or mail us for specs and prices

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Product no.: WHIBINDLE

Whisperpower Lithium Ion battery/charger/inverter/monitor bundle
2 x Whisperpower 100 a/h lithium ion batteries (easy drop in replacement) - Whisperpower 12/1200 pure sine wave inverter/charger, remote control, Whisperpower WBM battery monitor - All for £2995 including VAT and UK shipping!

Whisperpower special Lithium battery bundle

Price of competitors equivalent £4,076.00
£2,995.00 *

In stock

Product no.: lithium batteries boat

2 x 100a/h Whisperpower Ion Power drop in replacement lithium ion batteries with built in BMS
Whisperpower WP Suntrack-50 MPPT charge controller with bluetooth monitoring
2 x Nautilus Marine 100w semi flexible solar panels
£2395 Including VAT and UK delivery!

£2,395.00 *

In stock

* Prices without VAT or delivery

Whisper Genverter 4 basic

Whisper Genverter 4 basic

The Genverter 4 basic.

3.8kw variable speed diesel generator - ideal small generator for sailboats.

Latest technology single cylinder Whisperpower engine for superb economy and low emissions.

Comes complete with Whisper DDC remote control for one touch operation.

Variable engine speed automatically adjusts from 2500 - 3400 rpm depending on load.

Indirectly cooled - no sea water running through the engine block.

Size: L: 630mm W: 480mm H: 520mm  Weight: 92kg

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER £4895.00 plus VAT & delivery.